DERS Certification

Certification gives users additional practice with the tool,
and helps NCMPS measure and ensure inter-rater reliability.


There are five steps in the DERS certification process:

1) The DERS Quiz: Take the brief 10-question DERS quiz ( Once you pass the quiz, you'll receive an email with an access code and directions to create your personal DERS login in the app.

2) Live Practice Sessions: Complete at least one full practice session in a real classroom setting using your personal login. Set aside a full hour to observe and rate a classroom using the following school and classroom names, and make sure to save your report.

School: Practice School
Classroom: Your Last Name

3) Video Rating: Once you've saved your practice session, rate the 20-minute video at the bottom of this page, using the following school and classroom names, and send your score report to You'll get an email acknowledgement of completion within a few days.

School: DERS Certification
Classroom: Your Last Name

4) Norming Call: NCMPS will contact you or your school to schedule a “norming call” with other users. We'll go over your Video Rating scores and review any indicators where there was significant disagreement.

5) Paired Rating: Pair up with another staff member to rate the same classroom at the same time.  Send your reports to NCMPS will evaluate your ratings, and if they are within the acceptable range, your school will be added to the app and it will be ready for your use.

You may watch the video more than once within the same observation if you find that helpful.
The password for the video is "teach." This video is of a primary classroom with mixed-age groups of three years. The uninterrupted work period is three hours.