The DERS/MEFS Network

We are currently partnering with Reflection Sciences, the distributors of the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS), to launch the DERS/MEFS Network.

The DERS/MEFS Network is a collaboration among schools using the DERS and MEFS, companion assessment tools which measure and correlate classroom quality and Executive Function.  The tools may be used without joining the Network, but Network schools get these benefits:

  • Membership in a community of practice
  • One-year whole-school subscription to the DERS (normally approximately $100 per classroom per year)
  • Access to the DERS Network website, including:
    • Shared data from other Network schools
    • Additional assessment tools
    • Updates on local and national developments related to executive functions
    • A blog for Network members to share experiences, questions, and insights.

Network schools agree to:

  1. Train at least three staff members in the use of both tools
  2. Provide input and feedback on the tools
  3. Share classroom level data with other members of the network.[1] 

The Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS)

The MEFS provides a brief, reliable, valid, inexpensive, and easily administered direct behavioral measure of executive functions starting at age 2 and extending to age 85. The test assesses cognitive flexibility, working memory, and inhibitory control in one brief measure.

The test is administered to individual children as a game that addresses progressively higher-level decision-making and executive functions through easy-to-use drag and drop responses scored by level of difficulty achieved and time taken.


[1] All shared data collected during 2016-2017 will remain the exclusive property of the DERS/MEFS Network.  Individual data will belong to individual schools, and member schools may report their own results in any manner they wish.  Aggregated school and classroom level results may be reported for validation purposes, but at no time will Network schools, teachers or students be identified.