DERS Training

The DERS training guides and focuses
classroom observation

The six-hour training, in person or online, prepares staff
to use the tool for observation and continuous improvement,
and includes a one-year subscription.

Training explains the research behind the DERS, orients users to the tool, and guides them through a series of video observations. Participants learn to identify, evaluate, and record classroom indicators which support development, and will leave the training session with a one-year subscription for unlimited use of the DERS app and a DERS Observer’s Certificate.

Training in the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS), a companion tool for assessing executive function, is available as well.

Online Training

Online training is a six-hour asynchronous course offered to a new cohort of learners every month. A DERS trainer guides participants through the process which includes readings, video demonstrations, and practice scoring sessions.

Participants can complete training modules at their own pace within the month-long course. At the end of the month, participants join a one-hour live Zoom call with the trainer to ask questions and refine their understanding of key items and indicators.

Online training costs $355 per person. Annual renewal is $110 per person.

Participants will need a computer and an iPad in order to complete online DERS training.

Upcoming online DERS trainings:

Face-to-Face Training

Five-hour face-to-face sessions for groups can be coordinated at trainings cost $2750 plus travel and include training and subscriptions for up to ten participants. Additional participants for live trainings are $385 each. Annual renewal is $110 per person.

MEFS training can be purchased separately.

Schools will need to provide a screen and speakers, and at least one iPad per every two participants.

Upcoming LIVE DERS trainings:

No live trainings are currently scheduled—check back soon!

MEFS Training and Certification

Training in the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (MEFS) is a two-hour online session which qualifies users as MEFS examiners. The training costs $250 and is good for one year. MEFS licenses cost $5/child for the 2019-20 school year. Order licenses here (link)

Upcoming online MEFS trainings:

Already Been Trained?

If you have attended one of our trainings, please click here to complete the certification process.