Developmental Environmental Rating Scale

Measuring What Matters—Focusing on Classroom Quality


Linking learning environments
to meaningful outcomes

Record observations, view trends and track progress over the course of the school year.

Inspired by child-centered Montessori learning environments,
the DERS helps teachers and schools support children's natural development. 

The DERS measures qualities such as patience and persistence in children, precision and clarity in lessons, and order in the environment, which  support the development of executive functions, literacy, and social-emotional learning.

Trained observers use the DERS iPad app to rate 60 research-based environmental attributes over a one hour observation.  Printed or emailed reports can be used as an assessment of environmental quality and a tool for continuous improvement.

DERS Training

Training and Certification

Learn to use the DERS

The certification process begins with an online or face-to-face training at your school.

The DERS Network

Join a community of practice

Trained and certified users become members of the DERS Network, with access to tools and support.