The content of the DERS is supported by extensive research on elements of the environment which support executive function, linguistic and cultural fluency, and social-emotional learning.  The current pilot phase of the instrument will generate data to support predictive validity.  For more detailed information, you can download the Working Paper, the White Paper (a shorter, less technical version), and the DERS Bibliography below.

DERS Bibliography

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DERS Benchmarks

What do DERS scores mean?

We don't have enough data yet for true reliable norms. But we have developed a set of benchmarks for scores that give guidance for interpreting scores.

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What’s Going on in
This (Developmental) Classroom?

DERS Working Paper #1
Jacqueline Cossentino & Katie Brown
June 30, 2017

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DERS White Paper

a shorter, less technical version of Working Paper #1

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